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A group of friends and colleagues with the same passion: our work and the desire to provide our knowledge and our professional experience. 


We especially address to those people, students and professionals, who truly want to experience Italian culture and also delve into issues related to their profession.


The name Officina Cultura want to combine the practical aspect with study and knowledge, letting the participant in the cultural and working in a professional and operational.


For this reason we favor individual courses or restricted to small groups of participants, Italian or foreign, up to 5 people.


Among those who have already attended our courses include Lawyers, Manager, Company, Architects, Students of architecture and design, advertising graphics.

"Dear Daniele, to let you share my joy and in recognition of the good teaching of the " master ", I send you my first rendering of the renovation project on the scale that I was not able to realize, remember?"

                           Claudio, architect, IT

"I attended the Revit course last fall with Daniele, and I must say that it was extremely useful. He is very professional and also very patient, which is not bad.

I recommend it to all of those who want to make a quantum leap, and hope that by making a small investment today, in this time of crisis,  will be able to better prepare for tomorrow."
                     Tamara, architect, IT

" ... And you, what are you waiting to say something about us?"

                             ........, ........, ..


"Ho fatto il corso di Storia del Design e Design applicato con Daniele. Il corso è andato oltre le mie aspettative perchè pur essendosi svolto in poche settimane è stato completo e di qualità, con un insegnante preparato e paziente che non lesina l'impegno per comunicare tutto il necessario. Altro punto a favore è l'alloggio, confortevole e in ottima posizione. Manterrò il contatto per continuare a fare nuovi corsi e quindi lo raccomando."
                   Patricia, interior designer, BR

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